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Hi, I'm Elizabeth Castro (though everyone calls me Liz). Welcome to my web site. I write computer books that start at the beginning without treating you like an idiot. My books use step-by-step instructions and clear, beautiful examples—often with lots of pictures of Barcelona—to clearly illustrate how to achieve concrete results, whether it be publishing an ebook, creating a Web page, formatting that page with CSS, or tweaking the CSS for your Blogger blog. My computer books are published by Peachpit Press, the leading publisher of web and design books, based in Berkeley, California.

As Cookwood Press, I also publish books, in digital and print editions, about Catalonia, my adopted second home. My first project is a collection of essays and live video presentations by Matthew Tree, a Catalan-speaking English-born writer, based in Barcelona. It's called Barcelona, Catalonia: A View from the Inside, and is a great introduction to the culture and political situation of what Matthew promises will be the next new state in Europe.

I'm very proud to announce my brand new book on creating ebooks. It's called EPUB Straight to the Point: Creating ebooks for the Apple iPad and other ereaders. It is a great little book that shows you how to use your existing tools (Word and/or InDesign plus a text editor) to create gorgeous ebooks that take advantage of iPad's strengths but work in all ereaders that support the industry standard EPUB format. It is available in EPUB edition (as an example of what can be achieved) as well as in print, from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, my publisher Peachpit Press, and your local bookstore. You can find excerpts, the full table of contents, the complete index, and opinions on my website.

My most popular book is the Sixth Edition of my bestselling guide to creating Web pages. HTML, XHTML, and CSS, Sixth Edition: Visual QuickStart Guide continues the tradition that helped earlier editions sell more than a million copies:

I can hear you saying, “The specs haven't changed. What could be different in this book?” Well, it's true that the specifications for HTML, XHTML, and CSS haven't changed much, but the way people use those specifications has changed. A lot. And the browsers that interpret those specs have also evolved. I have revamped the examples throughout the book to reflect new and updated browsers, the growing emphasis on standards, CSS layout, and also the push toward multimedia and syndication. There are brand new chapters on using CSS for Handhelds and on Syndication and Podcasting as well as added individual sections throughout the book. And it's all in color!

I have just posted the updated table of contents, and will be adding more information about the new Sixth Edition in the coming days and weeks. If you like, you can order the book from Amazon at a 34% discount. I look forward to any comments you may have.

The second edition of my guide to Blogger: Publishing a Blog with Blogger: Visual QuickProject Guide, was published in November of 2009. It is the perfect book to get you started writing your own blog, complete with information on adding photos and video, personalizing your blog with your own layout, working with templates, mobile blogging, team blogging, promoting your blog, and monetizing your blog. You can find more details on the book's website.

The second edition of my bestselling Perl and CGI for the World Wide Web: Visual QuickStart Guide, is the perfect guide for folks who want to make their Web pages interactive but who have no previous programming experience.

Perhaps my most challenging book, XML for the World Wide Web: Visual QuickStart Guide, is a succinct and understandable guide to XML.

If the photos in my books inspire you to travel to Barcelona, you can now rent our apartment there! It's fully furnished with a copy of HTML for the World Wide Web: Visual QuickStart Guide...