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Table of Contents

Introduction   7

Print vs. ebook vs. website   8

Static vs. Dynamic   9

Appearance   9

How it’s read   10

The order of things   10

Formats, durability, and batteries   11

Searchability   11

Highlighting and sharing passages   12

Copy protection   13

Buying new books   13

What is EPUB?   14

Navigating a sea of ereaders   14

Anatomy of an iBooks page   16

Who is this book for?   18

Using Word to write EPUB   19

Styling your Word document   20

Setting up styles in Word   21

Applying styles   26

Saving Word files as HTML   28

Preparing HTML files for EPUB   31

Using a text editor   31

Declaring the file to be XHTML, not HTML   31

Moving style data to its own file   33

Declaring the language used   41

Adding quotation marks around attributes   41

Using InDesign to create EPUB   45

About using InDesign for EPUB   46

One file or many?   47

Styles in InDesign   48

Creating styles   49

Applying the main Body style   50

Applying headers, quotes, and other special styles   52

Replacing local formatting with styles   53

Drop Caps and Nested Styles   57

Add images   61

Placing an image   62

Creating text wrap within the flow   64

Add links   70

Creating a style for links   70

Hyperlinks   71

Cross-references   73

Create a navigational TOC   76

Preparing your book in order to create the navigational TOC   76

Creating a Table of Contents Style   77

Add metadata to your ebook   80

Export EPUB from InDesign   82

Exporting EPUB from InDesign CS4   83

Exporting EPUB from InDesign CS5   87

Inside an EPUB file   91

Unzipping an EPUB   92

The files that make up an EPUB   94

The mimetype file   95

The META-INF folder   95

The OEBPS folder   95

XHTML and CSS files   96

The toc.ncx file for the navigational TOC   98

Writing the content.opf file   103

Creating the cover   113

Zipping and testing   119

Organizing files before rezipping   119

Rezipping after edits   120

Getting the new EPUB file to the iPad   122

Further editing, rezipping, and testing   124

Validating your EPUB file   126

Converting EPUB to Kindle’s Mobi   128

Advanced EPUB Formatting   129

Ensuring ereaders use your CSS   130

Cleaning up InDesign EPUB files   131

How InDesign writes XHTML   131

How InDesign writes CSS   132

Fonts in your ebook   138

Choosing fonts   138

Fonts available for ebooks on the iPad   141

Ornaments, dingbats, and symbols   150

Using non-English fonts   151

Embedding fonts   152

Controlling text alignment   154

Keeping elements together   155

Controlling a header’s position   156

Keeping captions with their images   156

Setting widows and orphans properties   157

Setting page break options   158

Drop caps and small caps   159

Having CSS mark the first letter and line   159

Tagging the first letter and first line explicitly   161

Controlling spacing   163

Controlling indents   164

Formatting short lines   165

Borders and backgrounds   169

Creating a sidebar   169

Hyphenation   171

Adding soft hyphens   171

Using left-aligned text   172

Working with images   173

Size   173

Wrapping text around images   175

Wrapping text around sidebars   177

Creating links   179

Creating tables   181

Video in your ebook   183

Creating your video   183

Adding code for the video   184

Index   187