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These Web pages contain all the examples from the book HTML 4 for the World Wide Web:Visual QuickStart Guide written by Elizabeth Castro.

You will be able to use these examples to better understand the difference between raw HTML code and what appears within your browser. Click on any of the hypertext links listed for each chapter and the example will open up in your browser. (Beware, the first few examples won't look like much since the book starts out with very basic HTML.). To view the actual HTML coding, you can either right-click the right-hand frame (with the example in it) and then choose View Source from the pop-up menu that appears, or click in the right frame (the one that you're reading this explanation in), then, select "Document source" or "Page Source" from your browser's View menu.

The raw HTML version of the page will then open in whatever word processing program you've specified, or within the browser's default helper application. You can then either manipulate the code to see how the changes show up in your browser or use the code to build your own pages.

Not all sections have examples. If there's no link, that means there is no example for that section. In that case, just consult the corresponding section in the book where you'll most often find a complete explanation.

Some sections have more links than you might expect. For example, check out the Appendices, down at the bottom of the list at left. You'll find live links to the HTML tools and graphics, and online versions of the charts in Appendices B-D. There's also an online version of the index and a full browser safe color chart.

Please note that these examples are a little bit like a Hollywood set. There's not much past the facade. While the part of the page that deals with the topic at hand is always fully functional, you may find some "filler" links to pages that don't exist. Hey, they are examples, after all, not a real site.

You can also download all of the examples at once for Macintosh or for Windows. You'll find a helpful table that explains which files go with which pages/sections. Remember that all the examples files and images are © 2000 Elizabeth Castro. All rights reserved.

Hope you find them helpful!

If you have any questions or comments about the examples, feel free to send them to me. I'll do my best to help you out.

Copyright 1998, 1999, 2000 by Elizabeth Castro. All Rights Reserved.