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HTML for the World Wide Web, Fifth Edition with XHTML and CSS: Visual QuickStart Guide

September 13, 2002. I'm very proud to announce the new, fifth edition of my bestselling book on HTML. Its official title is HTML for the World Wide Web, Fifth Edition with XHTML and CSS: Visual QuickStart Guide (ISBN: 0-321-13007-3).

HTML VQS 5e, as I'll call it for short, is a clear, concise guide to learning HTML, XHTML, and CSS. Hundreds of thousands of people, from the most novice beginner to the most professional designer use my book to help create their Web pages.

Beginners are comfortable with my direct and friendly style and my step-by-step instructions. Illustrations accompany almost every topic and show how the code actually looks in a browser.

Experts love how easy it is to quickly find the information they need. Topics are covered completely but without fluff, they are demonstrated with a real-life example, and they're easy to find in the excellent index.

The new fifth edition has been completely overhauled to take into account current design practices: using standards-based code to create liquid layouts that are broadly accessible--not only to a multitude of browsers on various platforms with a variety of monitors, but also to handhelds and other mobile devices, to foreign audiences, and to the disabled.

In particular, I explain the whys and wherefors of HTML vs XHTML, the new standard. I stress the importance of relying not on old, deprecated tags, but on powerful style sheets, using CSS. I've got beautiful new examples that show how to use CSS not only for formatting text but also to lay out professional looking Web pages. I'm also very happy with the new chapter that describes how to create Web pages in languages other than English.

The book also contains a full-color color chart, tables of both XHTML and CSS, a complete list of the entity references for special symbols and characters, and a table of hexadecimal values.

I invite you to browse through the Table of Contents, or check the full Index. You might be interested in reading the Opinions of others. Or, you may be ready to buy a copy. I hope you enjoy it!