Les Rambles Boulevard

Les Rambles

You can find people strolling down Les Rambles at any hour of the day or night. It's actually several streets strung together, the Rambla Catalunya, Rambla Canaletes, Rambla de les Flors, etc.--which, of course, is how it gets its name: Les Rambles. The word Rambla means an intermittent watercourse, that is, in the old days, when it rained a whole bunch, the water rushed down the future boulevard, carving it out sort of like a Catalan Colorado River...

One of the wonderful things about the Rambles is that it is filled with all different kinds of people. On a Saturday afternoon, at its most crowded, you'll see older couples checking out the bird and flower stalls, younger people arguing at the political booths, mimes and bands, beggars and pickpockets (well, maybe you won't see them). If I were there, I'd be drinking an orxata at the Café de l'Ópera watching all the people go by.

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