Getaway Destinations

There are lots of different kinds of links that you can create on a Web page.

You might want to create a link to a directory on the IGS Go site to help visitors download articles or problems about Go (a Japanese strategy game). Or point them to a specific file like the Go FAQ so they don't have to navigate the FTP site.

To allow access to a private FTP site, you have to preface the server name with the user name and password.

A link to an e-mail address is a great way to elicit comments about your Web page. Unfortunately, spammers are great at snatching up e-mail addresses from Web pages and filling your mailbox with non-solicited junk. Don't think so? Tell me about it.

Links to newsgroups help visitors find other people interested in the same topic. For example, check out the newsgroup for cat lovers. Can you believe there's no special section for Llumi and Xixo?

Some libraries let you log into their system from home with telnet to see if a particular book is available or checked out. Most browsers don't view telnet connections inline, but instead open a helper application like Nifty Telnet.

Hey, what if you just want to let your visitors download a file that's on your server in the same directory as your Web pages? No problem. The link will look like any other Web link. Here, download the Windows version of the examples from this book