The Pioneer Valley: Northampton

This building, that some might say looks like a church, is actually the Hampshire County Courthouse. If you ever get called to be on a grand jury, or a traverse jury for that matter, this is where you should report. The venerable old structure, located on the corner of Main and King Streets, is bolstered by a newer, modern annex just behind it. It has a great set of front steps, that are often taken advantage of by lunching grand jurors. And within walking distance, you can find some thirty restaurants, from Japanese to Moroccan, Mexican to Indian, and lots more inbetween. It's not only restaurants, though, that make Northampton a lively town. Main Street is lined with interesting shops. I could do with a few more hardware stores and a few less boutiques, but still, it's a pretty nice town.


This triplex on South Street is a good example of multi-family dwellings in the area. Built as a one family home in the 30s, it has been converted to a three family with separate entrances, heating and electricity. Thanks to the area colleges--Smith, Amherst, UMass, Mt. Holyoke, and Hampshire-- Northampton has a booming rental industry.