March 2, 2007. Page 145, Figure 9.27

The word not is missing at the end of the line (well, and a period too). Thanks to several readers.

March 2, 2007. Page 110, Figure 6.15

In the third paragraph of the code, the phrase >p<You can link to is repeated. It should only appear once. Thanks to Max Burke.

March 2, 2007. Page 75, Figure 4.13

In line 2 of the code, there are some quotation marks missing. It should read xml:lang="en" lang="en". Thanks to Max Burke.

August 12, 2006. Page 93, Figure 5.15.

After using several ways to measure those images, you'd think I could have used the measurements in the code! The highlighted items in Figure 5.15 should read width="300" height="225". More minor details are that the image is called tomatoes.jpg and its alt text is Tomatoes, pears, and apples.

The three errata from the Fifth Edition can be found here.