Ceramics Collection

The notecards in the Ceramics collection feature closeups of gorgeous, colorful pottery from Andalusia and Catalonia.

Future Sagrada Familia Ceramics

“Sagrada Familia: 2010?”

This is a piece of the ceramics that they'll eventually use to finish the construction of the Sagrada Familia church in Barcelona. I took a similar picture last year thinking that by this year, they'd be installed already. Nope. Not yet.

Item Number: 7845-C
10 notecards for $12.99
10 postcards for $8.99

Dancing Stars at the Alhambra

“Dancing Stars”

Although depicting living creatures in art is traditionally frowned on by the Islamic religion, the mosaics in the Alhambra in Granada are full of life and movement.

Item Number: 4582-C
10 notecards for $12.99
10 postcards for $8.99