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These Web pages contain all the images used to create the projects in the book Creating a Photo Book and Slideshow with iPhoto: Visual QuickProject Guide written by Elizabeth Castro. You may download the images and use them to follow along with the projects in the book, but you may not otherwise publish them (in any form in any media), create derivative works from them, or distribute the original or derivative works to others. By downloading the images, you agree to these terms. If you are interested in using the photos for some other purpose, please contact me first.

Because the images are so large, they take a long time to download. I have provided both full-size and reduced-size collections so that readers with slower internet connections can also use the images. Note, however, that when creating the book project, the smaller images may generate yellow warning triangles since they don't have a high enough resolution for printing.

The images of the Pedrera were used in this book with the kind permission of Fundació Caixa Catalunya (though they belong to me and were taken by me). They asked that I only provide low-resolution versions with the book, so I'm afraid that's all you'll find here.

I have also provided a QuickTime movie of the slideshow project so that you can see what it looks like when it's finished.

I must also note that I'm providing these images in good faith. If I find that letting people download them is taking up too much bandwidth, I may have to restrict them further, or only provide the low resolution versions. I'd like not to have to do that, because I think it's helpful to have real images to play with. You can help me by not downloading them more than once (wherever possible) and by using them in accordance with the terms outlined above. Thanks.

High Resolution photos

Low Resolution photos