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what you’ll do

how this book works

the web site

the next step

1. importing and organizing photos

get photos from camera

get photos from a disk

view and sort film rolls

increase viewing size

rotate photos

review your photos

get rid of the bad ones

empty the trash

label your photos

rate your photos

organize with albums

drag new albums

organize with folders

define keywords

apply keywords

search by keywords

search by date

search by text

sort your photos

extra bits

2. creating a photo book

choose photos for book

put photos in order

choose a book theme

use the book mode

organize the book files

place photos on cover

magnify the view

edit text

navigate to next page

change the page type

fix red eye

enlarge and center

view a two-page spread

change page design

rearrange photos

create a panorama

drag to change design (see excerpt)

control overlapping

remove photos

autoflow the photos

add photos to book

finish placing photos

reorder pages

remove pages

order book

extra bits

3. making a slideshow

import photos

put photos in order

create a slideshow

adjust default settings

crop photos

duplicate a photo

display in black/white

adjust transition (see excerpt)

zoom in and center (see excerpt)

add motion to slides

crop a photo into two

pan from one half...

...to the other half

add and reorder photos

add new transition

auto enhance photos

auto enhance photos

custom adjust photos

change wipe direction

add music

play a slideshow

share a slideshow

extra bits

appendix a: photo book themes

picture book


watercolor (see excerpt)

contemporary (see excerpt)



baby boy or girl


story book



year book


extra bits