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Created with Liz Castro’s Perl and CGI VQS Guide!

Here is the banner that you can put on your Web site that indicates that you created your site with the help of my book.

Legal Stuff: You may not change the banner in any way, nor include it within another logo or image. You must download the banner image to your site; do not link to it directly from my site. Finally, the inclusion of my banner on your page does not and should not imply anything other than the fact that you used my book to help create your site. Permission to use the logo on your site is dependent on your agreement with these conditions.

If you agree with the conditions, right click (or click and hold the mouse button) and then choose Save Image (or Download Image to Disk) or whatever it's called in your browser.

Then please copy the following code with which you can insert the image on your site (given that the image is still called "perlcgibanner.gif" and that it is located in the same folder as the page in which it appears:

<A HREF="" target="_blank"><IMG SRC="perlcgibanner.gif" WIDTH=152 HEIGHT=77></A>

Finally, thank you very much for adding this banner to your page. I am honored. Please send me the URL to your page!


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