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\b, in search patterns 149
\B, in search patterns 149
and here documents 180
escaping @ in e-mail addresses 209
escaping special symbols in HTML tags 178
in search patterns 144
bang symbol (!) 32
Bare Bones Software 254
BASE tag (HTML), for simplifying paths 181
BBEdit for Macintosh 254
BetterTelnet 240, 255
binary assignment operator 81
Binary uploading, vs. ASCII 254
Birznieks, Gunther 256
executing at least once 112
in conditional statements 101
of text, in forms 49
repeating certain number of times 113
books, other 258
borrowing scripts 217-222
creating output for 34
determining visitor’s 62
need for output 193
running scripts 41
bullets, and password boxes in forms 48
Burgdorf, Darryl 256
The WebScripts Archive 219
WebBBS script 222
buttons, in forms
fancy 53
radio 50
reset 54
submit 53

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This index is from my book, Perl and CGI for the World Wide Web: Visual QuickStart Guide, published by Peachpit Press.