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labeling data 44
le (less than or equal to), comparison
operator 103
leading zeros 188
learning more 257
Learning Perl 258
length of arrays 88
libraries 125
HTTP Cookie Library 169
limiting cookies 172
to secure connections 173
line numbering 20
activating scripts with 56
and HTTP_REFERER environment
variable 63
appended data 60
inputting data with 57, 66
simplifying paths to 181
listing directory contents 248
lists. See arrays
literal 24
Llama book. See Learning Perl
limiting in search patterns 149
of Perl interpreter 32
of scripts on server 37
log files 195
logical and operator 105
logical or operator 105
logout, Unix command 241
ls, Unix command 232, 248
lt (less than), comparison operator 103

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This index is from my book, Perl and CGI for the World Wide Web: Visual QuickStart Guide, published by Peachpit Press.