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m (match) operator 138
description 137
and this book 21
getting Perl 18
text editors 254
uploading from with Fetch 36
mail. See e-mail
making directories
in Unix 250
with Perl 204
man, Unix command 252
Mastering Regular Expressions 142
match operator 138
description 137
matching 138
character from group 146
characters not in group 147
how many 151
one character 144
one element or another 157
specifying how many 155
string of characters 145
using what was matched 158
mathematical operators 75
Matt-s Script Archive 256
MAXLENGTH attribute, in INPUT tag (HTML)
for password boxes 48
for text boxes 47
creating 52
splitting values into array 86
determining 224
POST vs. GET 60
METHOD attribute, in FORM tag (HTML) 46
Microsoft Telnet 240, 255
MIME content line
creating 34
for cookies 168
Perl function 204
Unix command 250
modifying arrays 87
modulus 78
data sent to server 237
visitor input 236
moving files 197
Mozilla, and determining browser 62
MULTIPLE attribute, in SELECT tag (HTML) 52
multiple items from array 89
multiple operators 76
multiple optional elements, in search patterns 154
multiplication 26, 75

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