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in search patterns 158
See also newlines
NAME attribute (HTML)
and HTML labels 45
for active images 55
for checkboxes 51
for hidden fields 163
for menus 52
for radio buttons 50
for text areas 49
for text boxes 47, 48
in form-parsing script 127
in forms 44
omitting for reset button 54
omitting for submit button 53
and %formdata hash 67
name-value pairs 66, 67
navigating in Unix 203
ne (not equal to), comparison operator 103
negated character class 147
nesting conditional statements 115
Netscape Communicator 34
and HTML 178
and writing to external files 193
newsgroups about Perl and CGI 257
number of elements, in arrays 88
numbering lines of code 20
numbers 23
comparing 102
formatting 186
as dollars and cents 187
leading zeros 188
padding 188
raising to exponential power 77
vs. strings 102, 103

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This index is from my book, Perl and CGI for the World Wide Web: Visual QuickStart Guide, published by Peachpit Press.