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-T, avoiding tainted data 238
tables, creating from hash 184
tabs, including in string 24
tainted data, avoiding 238
Tan, Christian (Dimmy) 181
tar files 251
tar, Unix command 251
tcl (language) 16
Telnet, Microsoft 240, 255
Telnet programs 255
BetterTelnet (for Macintosh) 240, 255
closing connection 241
Microsoft Telnet (for Windows) 240, 255
opening connection 240
templates 195
checking syntax 40
on local computer 18
text areas creating 49
text blocks, in forms 49
text boxes 47
text editors 23, 30, 254
BBEdit for Macintosh 254
for Windows, review site 254
UltraEdit for Windows 254
tilde (Unix servers) 243
time, formatting 188
TYPE attribute, in INPUT tag (HTML)
for active images 55
for check boxes 51
for password boxes 48
for radio buttons 50
for reset button 54
for submit button 53
for text boxes 47
types of data 23-25

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