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-w (checking write permissions) 199
\w, in search patterns 148
\W, in search patterns 148
Wall, Larry 15, 258
Web site, for this book 22
WebScripts Archive 256
where you are, in Unix servers 247
whereis, Unix command 207
which, Unix command 32
while 110, 112
and reading external files 195
and this book 21
getting Perl 18
text editors 254
uploading scripts 38
Windows NT 21
word processors 23, 30, 254
WordPad 23, 254
creating scripts 30
working directory, changing 203
in Unix 246
World Wide Web Security FAQ 235
WRAP attribute, in TEXTAREA tag (HTML) 49
Wright, Matt
CGI Resource Index 256
cookie library 169
Matt’s Script Archive 256
write permissions 231
Perl code 33
Perl scripts 23
scripts 30, 254
See also text editors
to files 190, 193
security 237
WS_FTP, uploading scripts with 38 257

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This index is from my book, Perl and CGI for the World Wide Web: Visual QuickStart Guide, published by Peachpit Press.